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Find out who stands behind the platform founded, funded, and operated by Linking Help, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to sourcing pro bono legal assistance for refugees and people in need.

Managing director.

Kateryna Balaban
Kateryna Balabanmanaging director
Double degree lawyer with experience in the legal aid area. Project leader of UA.SUPPORT, linking help to the Ukrainians in need.

Board and Core team members.

Ondřej Dvořák
Ondřej Dvořákboard member
Managing director of COPS Financial Systems. Supporting organizations to thrive with uncertainty with the help of agility and technology.
Miroslav Hyrman
Miroslav Hyrmanboard member
Co-founder of AgiLawyer. Consulting law firms in marketing, business development and strategies for more than a decade.

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We link people in need requesting legal help with appropriate lawyers. Learn more about Linking Help NGO and our mission.

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We are proud and grateful that we can cooperate with our partners, we couldn’t do it without them.

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Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
Nadace Kooperativa
Blíž k sobě

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